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This small video shows the effectiveness of a Paint Protection Treatment for the aircraft paintwork. This treatment was performed on parts of the wings of a brand new $15 million  trainer aircraft PRIOR to it’s first engine run. The test lasted for two hours and you can see the amount of exhaust that has accumulated on the wing, after only two hours.


Watch how easy it is to clean the exhaust with no effort whatsoever, even with just a finger, from the part where the wing was treated and how practically impossible it is clean the other part which is not treated.

The MAIN ADVANTAGES of this Paint Protection Treatment are as follows :


* Enhanced Corrosion Protection on all Exterior Aircraft Surfaces


* Ease of Aircraft Exterior Cleaning & Upkeep


* UV Protection on painted Surfaces to prolong Paint Life & defer Repaint Costs and Aircraft Down Time


* Prevents Paint Fading & Stains from acid Rain


* Heat Resistant to 232° C


* Certified for Application on the World`s major Airframe Manufacturers


* Fuel Savings by creating Hydraulic Smoothness on the treated Surface


* Prevents parasitic Drag on treated Surface by reducing Surface Tension Buildup of industrial & Airport Terminal Fallout



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